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MMU AP Theory

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Variation 1 for Into the West. I have decided to go with parallel minor for this variation, and it's still in the early stages.
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Completed motive for Theme and Variations piece.
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Very rough right now... having trouble with the harmony/cello line and am looking for specific help with that line (including help with composing for strings in general)
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just a rough draft. I don't have too many ideas yet. I really enjoy working in different modes however I am unsure of what to do with this.
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I am composing the piece for my Q3 composition assignment in AP Music theory, themes and variations. I chose the melody Tale as Old as time from Beauty and the Beast. I want the variations to have a big contrast from each other. I am also unsure about the Piano part at times because it doesn't always fit with the Piano part. However, I don't want the Piano to sound boring.
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I don't really have a plan yet. Sorry! I'll edit this later! I'm just trying to write something simple (and playable) for viola. I'm hoping what I have right now will be easy to manipulate — ex. having it start on Bb, emphasizing or de-emphasizing dotted rhythms, or turning it into a round with other string instruments.