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Opus 32 - Grades 2-5

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Thunder and Lightning is about a thunderstorm. It is written for a string quartet. The main theme of the song is supposed to represent a light rainfall, which gradually turns into a thunder storm with frequent flashes of lightning. The middle parts of the song have different melodies and tempos, and finally builds up to the final piece of music that is the end of the song. I wanted to write a song about the weather, because there are so many possibilities about the tempo, instrumentation, and overall theme, because the weather is always changing, and hope that this piece gives the feeling of being outside in a thunderstorm. Hope you enjoy!
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The first part was sort of me trying to copy a different song. The inspiration for this piece was the ghost of john. The viola plays the melody.
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Its about a little boy who's brother died a year ago. The little boys mom lives on one side of the woods and his grandmother lives on the other side. after school the little boy has to go across the woods too his grandmothers house. If he's not at her house by 5:00 his brothers spirit will come out and haunt him. The little boy has been reading a lot of books so when his brothers spirit comes out he thinks it shadow man and starts to run . When the music speeds up it represents the little boy running .
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This song is a combination of a Flute and a Piano, We, Tommy and David, are composing together on this piece. This is just a start and we are not sure where to go to next.
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A piece of music that is supposed to sound like two people, or living things, that are chasing each other.
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This tune is a jazzy, jiggy, and swingy tune for all the String players out there that like jazz tunes and have dreamed about there being a string jazz tune!