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Opus 33- Megan Goldsmith

Composer Name: Megan Goldsmith
I am trying to write a piece that has a mellow feel. I also want it to be exciting, and feel like it's around Christmas time. I haven't started to add the xylophone part but I hope it will add to the excitement of the piece. I am hoping to make this into a theme and variations. I am looking for feedback about ways I can vary my theme to create the form and strategies for adding harmony. Thanks!
Grade Level: 5
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Noteflight
Instrumentation: French horn, xylophone and ??
Key: C major
Meter Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 120
Status: Work in Progress
Noteflight URL: Website Title
Located in: Opus 33 Grades 2-5


#2 Megan Goldsmith 2018-02-08 14:20
Hey Lee,
Thanks so much for the advice. I definitely agree with you that I should change m 1-2.
I play sports such as basketball, soccer, softball, and do gymnastics when I feel like it. I love to hang out with friends and go skiing in my free time at winter.
My favorite thing to do in school is art and music. Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at both (but especially art).
I play piano outside of school, and ukulele in. I've been doing music for all my life, and love it.
I'm glad you're my mentor, and hope that you give me more great feedback. I also hope that you're happy with the music I make.

#1 Lee Heuermann 2018-02-05 14:50
Dear Megan,

I’m so happy to meet you! I’ll be your mentor for Opus 33 and I’m very excited to get to know you and your music! I’m a composer and performer (voice, piano and flute) and love many kinds of music - classical, jazz, and especially music from India, Africa and Brazil. I live and teach in Berkeley, California. I feel especially exited because right now I am writing to you from Trinidad, which is a small country and island to the south of Venezuela. I am here for their Carnival and to learn more about their wonderful Calypso music. I will return in about 1 week but will be able to receive your music postings here.

I think you’re off to a great start with your piece and I like your idea of wanting to capture the excitement and spirit of Christmas with the form of a theme and variations. Your theme starts with an exuberant feeling and you vary it right away by using a sequence (a melodic pattern that can begin on different notes) as you do in measures 5, 6 and 7. It already feels like m. 5 is a variation or the theme in mms. 1-2. Why don’t you see if you can find two more ways to vary m. 1, and two more ways to vary m. 5.

As we’re getting started working together, please tell me a little about yourself, how you like to spend your time, what are your favorite things in school and out, and how long have you been involved in music and what instrument/s do you play? This will help me get more of a sense of who you are and how that relates to the music you compose.

I can’t wait to see what you do next and great job so far!


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