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A Bright Day

Gracie Bangoura

Grade 5, Integrated Arts Academy at H O Wheeler, Burlington, VT

A Perilous Journey

Kael Kysar

Grade 6, Rutland Intermediate School VT

A Vermont Autumn Day

Erik Heitsmith

Grade 6, Ludlow Elementary School, Ludlow, VT

Angel's Breath

Daelan Roosa

Grade 9, Independent Study Student attending Westtown School, West Chester, PA

Apollo's Medley

Susie Francy

Grade 11, Leland and Gray Union Middle and High School, Townshend, VT

Arab March

Ethan Duncan

Grade 8, Independent Study Student attends Williston Central School, VT

Aria and Fanfare

Arijeet Sensharma

Grade 12, George Mason High School, Falls Church, VA

Autumn Pixies

Nadia Scoppettone

Grade 8, Main Street Middle School, Montpelier, VT

Battle for Vermont

Susie Francy

Grade 11, Leland and Gray High School, Townsend, VT

Brass Quintet in C Major

Anna Halladay

Grade 8, Edmunds Middle School, Burlington,VT

Celebrate 20 years

Music-COMP began as the Vermont MIDI Project in 1995. Watch the 16 minute video and learn about the development and achievements of this transformative program that supports student composers.

Special thanks to Maggie Triggs and Kevin Christopher from LCAVT for their extraordinary efforts with the video. Script and archive search by founding members, Anne Hamilton and Sandi MacLeod.

Individuals responsible for our growth and development over the years

See composer list below

Carolyn            Adams
Alex Aldrich
Kari Anderson
Aaron Audet
Zack Avshalomov
Carol Baker
Michele Bailey
Laura Barbieri
Bill Bauer
Joanne Beck
Alyssa Bennett
Joe Berkovitz
Leora Black
Sarah Bolio
Shannon Bonsignore
Marta Borgstrom
Don Bosse
Ellen Bosworth
Brian Boyes
Patricia Braine
Sarah Briggs
Andrea Brightenbach
Erik Brooks
Melissa Brooks
Carol Broos
Tim Buckingham
Diana Burritt
Amy Caldwell
Marcia Cassidy
Sandalyn Chadwick
Grace Chris
Kevin Christopher
Jenny Cianciola
Michael Close
Marie Cloutier
Wendy Cohen
Jay Cook
Glenda Cosenza
Cindy Couture
Carol Cronce
Michael Dabroski
Lawton Davis
Lucie de La Bruere
Gretchen Doiron
Whitney Dorne
Molly Dubois
Anita Duffy
Pam Dunkling
John Dunlop
Jo Anne Edwards
Rebecca Eldridge
Rachael Elliott
Dawn Ellis
Cindy Fay
Berta Frank
Jim Frankel
Mia Fritze
Paul Gambill
Martin Gardner
Rob Gattie
Vicki Gauthier
David Gibson
Joe Goetz
Hilary Goldblatt
Cathy Gottschalk
Ann Greenawalt
Todd Greenberg
Betsy Greene
Roger Grow
Tim Guiles
David Gusakov
Susanna Guthmann
Michael Hakim
Cindy Hall
Anne Hamilton
Amos Hamilton
John Harrison
Colleen Hartman
William Hays
Courtney Heath
Charlene Helman
Sarah Helman
Beth Herron
Sophia Hirsch
Robin Hodson
Michael Hopkins
Wesley Hopper
Karen Horton
Cynthia Huard
Karen James
Arlene Jarvis
Colleen Jennings
Brian Johnson
Anne Janson
Alan Jordan
Karen Jordan
Michele Kaschub
Bill Keck
Carolyn Keck
Ron Kelley
Christina Kelsh
Anna Kennedy
Gail Kilkelley
Jane Kittredge
Bonnie Klimowski
Steve Klimowski
Michael Knapp
Tim Korman
Lou Kosma
John Kratus
Jim Kurty
Joan LaClair
Graham Lambert
Matt LaRocca
Megan Larose
Jennifer Lawson
Linda Leach
Marty Leech
Allyson Ledoux
Kathy Light
Steven Light
Jan Little
Eleanor Long
Alli Lubin
Carolyn Lukancic
Kathy Luzader
Bonnie Machia
Sandi MacLeod
Peggy Madden
Cathy Mander-Adams
Larry Marchese
Laura Markowitz
Peter Maund
John Mead
Giselle McRae
Pamela Miller
Allegra Miller
Chuck Miller
Allan Molnar
Brian Moore
Jennifer Moore
Gary Moreau
Ellie Morency
Ruth Morrison
Bill Moulton
Bruce Munson
Bill Myregaard
Erik Nielsen
Betsy Nolan
Penny Nolte
Suzanne Norwood
Craig Olzenak
Katie Oprea
Ed Owens
Steve Owens
Jason Panucci
Alan Parshley
Julian Partridge
John Paul
Troy Peters
Jeff Perrin
Sue Persson
Tony Pietricola
Adam Podd
Matt Podd
Janet Polk
Evan Premo
Victor Prussack
Letitia Quante
Linda Radtke
Stacey Raphael
Sam Reese
Liz Reid
Bill Reilly
Glory Reinstein
Janet Ressler
Paul Reynolds
Steven Rice
Patricia Riley
Chris Rivers
Joan Robinson
Andrea Rogers
Mark Ruch
Anna Ruesink
Lori Salimando-Porter
Mary Ann Samuels
Jodi Sanders
Robb Sandagata
Giuliana Sarullo
Christina Scheindel
Dov Schiller
Lisa Schonbraun
Marc Schonbraun
Dan Seiden
Chris Sellers
Jared Shapiro
John Sheets
Scott Shuler
Hae-Kyung Shin
Marilyn Sink
Andrew Smith
Brad Smith
Janice Smith
Margaret Smith
Michelle Smythe
Larry Solt
Amy Southworth
Annemieke Spoelstra
Alan Steel
Bob Stone
Josh Stumpff
Anne Taylor
Fern Tavalin
John Tisbert
David Tisdell
Christina Toner
Maggie Triggs
Karola Troidl
Leslie Upchurch
Julie Urquhart
Erin Villamizer
Julian Wade
Wyatt Wade
Frank Watson
Peter Webster
Stefanie Weigand
Richard Wells
Mary Jo West
Fritz Wendtlandt
Brent White
Jason Whitcomb
Marc Whitman
Tom Whitney
Elzy Wick
Connie Wilcox
Dan Williams
Dana Wilson
Jobey Wilson
Jody Woos
Joy Worland
Diana Yourke
Rosemary Zamore

Composers who've helped shape Music-COMP

Denis               Bathory-Kitz       
Eve Beglarian
Timothy Bowlby
Will Charron
Rhys Chatham
Michael Close
Nick Didkovsky
Sara Doncaster
David Feurzeig
Alexandra Fol
Dominique Gagne
Andy Gagnon
Keith Gibson
David Gunn
Daron Hagen
Lee Heuermann
Jennifer Jolley
Molly Joyce
Dillon Kondor
Anne LaBerge
Rebecca Larkin
Matt LaRocca
Jake Lester
David Ludwig
Peggy Madden
Colin McCaffrey
Robinson McClellan
Matthew McConnell
Patricia Morehead
Erik Nielsen
Rob Paterson
Jeff Perrin
Adam Podd
Matt Podd
Evan Premo
Elaine Radigue
Travis Ramsey
Thomas Read
Zach Sheets
Carl Stone
Richard Tolenaar
Peter Tavalin
Mary Elizabeth  

Clarinet Funk

Erik Heitsmith

Grade 5, Ludlow Elementary School VT

Couching Lion

Erin Magill

Grade 9, Harwood Union High School, Duxbury, VT

Drifting Snow

Neika Haire

Grade 4, Charlotte Central School, Charlotte, VT

Eileen Kocherlakota and the Vermont Philharmonic

Audio recording of Hidden Mountainsfrom a performance by the Vermont Philharmonic on Sunday, March 15, 2015 in their "Espana" Annual Family Concert at the Barre Opera House.

Eileen Kocherlakota has been composing music since she was nine years old. She started composing with Music-COMP and found she enjoyed this new world that was so different from performing. She likes being on the other side of the score, creating melodies, harmonies, and experimenting with the different tones and timbres of the variety of instruments. Eileen has composed for many different combinations of instruments, including string quartet, voice, and full orchestra. She likes the challenge that writing for different types of iEileen LouKosma croppedwide400nstruments presents. Eileen has recently had pieces played by the Burlington Ensemble, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Green Mountain Youth Symphony and through Music-COMP. Throughout her entire composing experience, Eileen has been guided and mentored by composer Erik Nielsen and other Music-COMP mentors. She has also been supported by her family, teachers, and Music-COMP. Eileen is an 18 year old senior at Burlington High School. Outside of composing, Eileen enjoys reading, mathematics, and listening to music.

Hidden Mountains: The concept of mountains being hidden sounds preposterous, and yet it is the idea around which the piece was formed. In the first section of the piece, the mountains are shrouded in fog, and all that can be seen are small glimpses of the peaks. When the piece then switches from minor to major, the sun burns away the fog, and the mountains appear; glorious, beautiful, and majestic. The piece then transitions back to minor, heralding the return of the fog, and obscuring the mountains from all. They are once again a mystery. The piece strives to be both mysterious and hopeful, haunting and joyous, as it illustrates an idea that is at times real, and at others, a dream. All the instruments take part in helping to bring this concept to life, sharing the melody between them, and giving the mountains that spring to life the unpredictability that comes from being hidden.

Hidden Mountains was "commissioned" by the Green Mountain Youth Symphony orchestra under the direction of Bob Blais for it's April 2014 concert featuring women composers. Thanks to the Vermont Philharmonic and director, Lou Kosma, for this collaboration with Music-COMP. Thanks also to Michael Read, president of the Board of Directors, and Edie Miller for publicity.

El Jazz De Hoy

Alex Wick

Grade 6, Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, VT

Et Cetera

Brendan Magill

Grade 8, Harwood Union Middle School, South Duxbury, VT

Festive Dance

Emily Lurvey

Grade 6, Hardwick Elementary School VT

Frolic and Despair

Ian Morvan

Grade 10, Springfield High School, VT