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Opus 28

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium
37 Depot Street, Ludlow, VT  05149

Selected Works Listed Below

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Thanks to Lake Champlain Access TV in collaboration with LCPTV for this video. Special thanks to Maggie Triggs, Assistant Production Manager at LCATV, for her keen eye and grasp of this project.

25 student compositions were performed in concert with professional musicians on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium in Ludlow, Vermont. Donations to support the project and future Opus events are always welcome.

Performers for Opus 28

Letitia Quante, violin Laura Markowitz, violin
Elizabeth Reif, viola Michael Close, cello
Evan Premo, contrabass
Berta Frank, flute Katie Oprea, oboe and English horn
Steve Klimowski, clarinet and bass clarinet Julian Partridge, bassoon

The Selected Works are listed below. Congratulations to all 80 students who submitted their work to our online mentoring website and participated in discussion with composer mentors for feedback about their work over the last eight weeks. We'd love to perform all the works that were completed, but that would be a very, very long concert. We hope each of you will continue to compose and share your works in this unique and valuable learning experience.

 Title Student Composer Grade  School
A Perilous Journey Kael Kysar 6 Rutland Intermediate School
Clarinet Funk Erik Heitsmith 5 Ludlow Elementary School
Clarinet Quintet Annie Beliveau 12 Essex High School
The Bass Place Brendan Magill 7 Harwood Union Middle School, Duxbury
Duette for Flute and Violin Isa Kaplan 6 Charlotte Central School
Festive Dance Emily Lurvey 6 Hardwick Elementary School
Frolic and Despair Ian Morvan 10 Springfield High School
Midnight Ride Colin Desch 7 Main Street Middle School, Montpelier
Overture to Mud Season Daelan Roosa 8 Barnet School
Resonance Wayne Alexander 6 Glover Community School
Schizophrenic Daydream Fred Petzoldt 12 North Country Union High School, Newport
Scottish Sailor Song Ethan Duncan 7 Independent Study - attends Williston Central School
Shades of Purple Erin Magill 8 Harwood Union Middle School, Duxbury
Sinking Ship Alex Wick 5 Champlain Elementary School, Burlington
Snowy Blues Abby Crowley 6 Mt. Holly School
String Quartet Rachel Schwartz 9 Harwood Union High School, Duxbury
TA DA! Rosie Saccardo 5 Ludlow Elementary School
The Four Seasons Amelia Opsahl & Wells Mundell-Wood 5 The Grammar School, Putney
The Misty City of Brigadoon Meredith Beals 12 North Country Union High School, Newport
The Night of the Sanziene Johna Saltsman 12 North Country Union High School, Newport
The Overshadow Saigelyn Green 11 North Country Union High School, Newport
The Year Gone By Jessica Beliveau 7 VYOA and Bergeron Studio - attends ADL School, Essex Junction
Time Immemorial Nathan Watts 12 Independent Study - attends Essex High School
Wild Flowers Emilie Boulette 6 Wallingford Elementary School
Petite Opus Noah Saberhagen 12 George Mason High School, Falls Church VA





Outstanding Opus 28

A large audience enjoyed the Opus 28 concert on April 30, 2014 at the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium. Individual students rehearsed their work with the musicians in the afternoon. Throughout the day, students, teachers, and parents attended workshop sessions, discussion groups and observed rehearsals. Audience comments from the day highlighted the amazing compositions by students, outstanding performance and professionalism of the musicians, and the great venue for this event. Click here for larger photo of the participants.

Audio recordings coming shortly. Order form for the full concert DVD here.