Celebrate 20 years

Music-COMP began as the Vermont MIDI Project in 1995. Watch the 16 minute video and learn about the development and achievements of this transformative program that supports student composers.

Special thanks to Maggie Triggs and Kevin Christopher from LCAVT for their extraordinary efforts with the video. Script and archive search by founding members, Anne Hamilton and Sandi MacLeod.

Individuals responsible for our growth and development over the years

See composer list below

Carolyn            Adams
Alex Aldrich
Kari Anderson
Aaron Audet
Zack Avshalomov
Carol Baker
Michele Bailey
Laura Barbieri
Bill Bauer
Joanne Beck
Alyssa Bennett
Joe Berkovitz
Leora Black
Sarah Bolio
Shannon Bonsignore
Marta Borgstrom
Don Bosse
Ellen Bosworth
Brian Boyes
Patricia Braine
Sarah Briggs
Andrea Brightenbach
Erik Brooks
Melissa Brooks
Carol Broos
Tim Buckingham
Diana Burritt
Amy Caldwell
Marcia Cassidy
Sandalyn Chadwick
Grace Chris
Kevin Christopher
Jenny Cianciola
Michael Close
Marie Cloutier
Wendy Cohen
Jay Cook
Glenda Cosenza
Cindy Couture
Carol Cronce
Michael Dabroski
Lawton Davis
Lucie de La Bruere
Gretchen Doiron
Whitney Dorne
Molly Dubois
Anita Duffy
Pam Dunkling
John Dunlop
Jo Anne Edwards
Rebecca Eldridge
Rachael Elliott
Dawn Ellis
Cindy Fay
Berta Frank
Jim Frankel
Mia Fritze
Paul Gambill
Martin Gardner
Rob Gattie
Vicki Gauthier
David Gibson
Joe Goetz
Hilary Goldblatt
Cathy Gottschalk
Ann Greenawalt
Todd Greenberg
Betsy Greene
Roger Grow
Tim Guiles
David Gusakov
Susanna Guthmann
Michael Hakim
Cindy Hall
Anne Hamilton
Amos Hamilton
John Harrison
Colleen Hartman
William Hays
Courtney Heath
Charlene Helman
Sarah Helman
Beth Herron
Sophia Hirsch
Robin Hodson
Michael Hopkins
Wesley Hopper
Karen Horton
Cynthia Huard
Karen James
Arlene Jarvis
Colleen Jennings
Brian Johnson
Anne Janson
Alan Jordan
Karen Jordan
Michele Kaschub
Bill Keck
Carolyn Keck
Ron Kelley
Christina Kelsh
Anna Kennedy
Gail Kilkelley
Jane Kittredge
Bonnie Klimowski
Steve Klimowski
Michael Knapp
Tim Korman
Lou Kosma
John Kratus
Jim Kurty
Joan LaClair
Graham Lambert
Matt LaRocca
Megan Larose
Jennifer Lawson
Linda Leach
Marty Leech
Allyson Ledoux
Kathy Light
Steven Light
Jan Little
Eleanor Long
Alli Lubin
Carolyn Lukancic
Kathy Luzader
Bonnie Machia
Sandi MacLeod
Peggy Madden
Cathy Mander-Adams
Larry Marchese
Laura Markowitz
Peter Maund
John Mead
Giselle McRae
Pamela Miller
Allegra Miller
Chuck Miller
Allan Molnar
Brian Moore
Jennifer Moore
Gary Moreau
Ellie Morency
Ruth Morrison
Bill Moulton
Bruce Munson
Bill Myregaard
Erik Nielsen
Betsy Nolan
Penny Nolte
Suzanne Norwood
Craig Olzenak
Katie Oprea
Ed Owens
Steve Owens
Jason Panucci
Alan Parshley
Julian Partridge
John Paul
Troy Peters
Jeff Perrin
Sue Persson
Tony Pietricola
Adam Podd
Matt Podd
Janet Polk
Evan Premo
Victor Prussack
Letitia Quante
Linda Radtke
Stacey Raphael
Sam Reese
Liz Reid
Bill Reilly
Glory Reinstein
Janet Ressler
Paul Reynolds
Steven Rice
Patricia Riley
Chris Rivers
Joan Robinson
Andrea Rogers
Mark Ruch
Anna Ruesink
Lori Salimando-Porter
Mary Ann Samuels
Jodi Sanders
Robb Sandagata
Giuliana Sarullo
Christina Scheindel
Dov Schiller
Lisa Schonbraun
Marc Schonbraun
Dan Seiden
Chris Sellers
Jared Shapiro
John Sheets
Scott Shuler
Hae-Kyung Shin
Marilyn Sink
Andrew Smith
Brad Smith
Janice Smith
Margaret Smith
Michelle Smythe
Larry Solt
Amy Southworth
Annemieke Spoelstra
Alan Steel
Bob Stone
Josh Stumpff
Anne Taylor
Fern Tavalin
John Tisbert
David Tisdell
Christina Toner
Maggie Triggs
Karola Troidl
Leslie Upchurch
Julie Urquhart
Erin Villamizer
Julian Wade
Wyatt Wade
Frank Watson
Peter Webster
Stefanie Weigand
Richard Wells
Mary Jo West
Fritz Wendtlandt
Brent White
Jason Whitcomb
Marc Whitman
Tom Whitney
Elzy Wick
Connie Wilcox
Dan Williams
Dana Wilson
Jobey Wilson
Jody Woos
Joy Worland
Diana Yourke
Rosemary Zamore

Composers who've helped shape Music-COMP

Denis               Bathory-Kitz       
Eve Beglarian
Timothy Bowlby
Will Charron
Rhys Chatham
Michael Close
Nick Didkovsky
Sara Doncaster
David Feurzeig
Alexandra Fol
Dominique Gagne
Andy Gagnon
Keith Gibson
David Gunn
Daron Hagen
Lee Heuermann
Jennifer Jolley
Molly Joyce
Dillon Kondor
Anne LaBerge
Rebecca Larkin
Matt LaRocca
Jake Lester
David Ludwig
Peggy Madden
Colin McCaffrey
Robinson McClellan
Matthew McConnell
Patricia Morehead
Erik Nielsen
Rob Paterson
Jeff Perrin
Adam Podd
Matt Podd
Evan Premo
Elaine Radigue
Travis Ramsey
Thomas Read
Zach Sheets
Carl Stone
Richard Tolenaar
Peter Tavalin
Mary Elizabeth  

Student Composer Showcase

Student Composer Showcase - a feature produced by Vermont Public Radio Classicalpic - Joe Goetz from VPR classicalLaunched in April 2013, VPR Classical broadcasts a series featuring one Music-COMP student the first week of each month and makes these segments available on their website as well. An interview of the selected student with VPR Classical music host, Kari Anderson, concludes with one composition by the student recorded in a live performance. Listen to all student features here:  http://digital.vpr.net/term/student-composer-showcase

June 2014 - Nathan Watts, senior from Essex, VT.

May 2014 -  Eileen Kocherlakota, junior from Burlington. Read the press release.

April 2014 - Johna Saltsman, a senior at North Country Union High School, Newport.

February 2014 - Annie Beliveau, senior at Essex High School, Essex Junction, VT.

Annie's featured work on the Student Composer Showcase focused on a vocal work, the first for the showcase series. Echo's Lament was performed at Opus 27. Annie's latest composition, Clarinet Quintet, was performed at Opus 28 on April 30, 2014.

Annie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Essex High School in June 2014 and will attend Middlebury College with a major in music. She plans to continue studying composition and other areas of music.

January 2014 - Saigelyn Green, a junior at North Country Union High School, Newport.

Here's another work by Saige. Jihad Bis Saif for brass quintet performed by Inora Brass at Opus 27 on January 6, 2014. Recording.

December 2013 - Alex Wick, a fifth grader at Champlain Elementary School, Burlington.

Additional Music-COMP performances composed by Alex. Concerto in G Minor from Opus 26, April 2013 for flute, oboe, bassoon, violin. Minuet in C Major performed at Opus 24, April 2012.

November 2013 - David Fisher, a senior homeschooled student from Burlington.

David's new vocal work is The Burning City from Opus 27 in January 2014.

October 2013 - Daelan Roosa, an eighth grader from Barnet School.

Previous works with recordings by Daelan are: Insidious Whisperings from Opus 26. A Cello with Attitude from Opus 24. Waterfall from Opus 23.

September 2013 - Noah Marconi, senior at Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg.

Update from Noah: "I will be attending the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. I will be pursuing a degree in composition with a cello concentration. I recently completed my third orchestral piece, Dances of Spring and a commissioned piece, Duet for Violin and Cello."

August 2013 - Nathan Chan, junior at U32 High School, East Montpelier.

Nathan updates us: "Pages from One Summer will be performed again this summer by the Vermont Philharmonic at their Middlebury Pops Concert on The Lawn at the Mahaney Center for the Arts at Middlebury College on June 27th at 7:30. In September 2014 I will be moving to NYC and I will be attending the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan studying audio recording. I will continue to write music and perform in the city."

July 2013 - Ivan Voinov, senior at Vermont Commons School, South Burlington.

Ivan updates us, " I'm studying Computer Music and Recording Arts and Sciences at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I'm working on trying to successfully fuse old folk music with various modern genres of music, with my latest project, "Raja" being a fusion between traditional middle eastern music and electronic dance music. Alongside with that, I'm learning to play the Duduk, an ancient double-reed instrument, an ancestor to the modern clarinet, and using that in my music."

"Apart from that, I've had a piece performed in Taiwan where I collaborated with a few musicians to create an experimental/modern electroacoustic piece of music. Since I don't have the rights to the full song, I'm sending in the work that I wrote, namely, the piano/prepared piano parts - it definitely works as a piece on it's own."

Recording of new work - Dirge for piano and prepared piano

June 2013 - Cecelia Daigle, senior at Harwood Union High School, Duxbury.

May 2013 - Jacob Morton-Black, senior at Colchester High School.

Jacob wrote: "I am headed back to Ithaca in the fall still as a composition major. I attached my final for my composition class that was performed at the end of the semester. I titled it Metalliche Traume (Metalic dream), because I wanted to explore the many sonorities of metal. The piece is for flute, celeste, vibraphone, and percussion."

Recording of Metalliche Traume

April 2013 - Justin Gates, senior at Missisquoi Valley Union High School, Swanton.

Justin sent the following update: "Last year at Berklee [College of Music in Boston], I performed in numerous musical theater productions and became part of the Student Board for the Musical Theater Club, all of which greatly aids me on my path towards composing for musical theater. At the end of this year I declared my major as Composition for next fall, which will likely be followed by a Dual Major in Professional Music with a focus in business and a minor in Drama. This summer I plan on continuing to compose my own pieces for several song cycles concepts, as well as a piece for a friend's recital. I am also working as an Office Assistant at the Flynn Center of Performing Arts, and a Teacher's Assistant for the FlynnArts Summer Education Programs."

Composers & Mentors

Key in the online discussion process of the Music-COMP are the professional composers who are hired to review student work in a password protected website. These mentors are paid a stipend to comment on student work in progress and offer suggestions.

Some of the artists are available as artists-in-residence. They also present workshops, and prepare resource materials for teachers and students. Other composer mentors combine full or part time jobs teaching and mentoring on the site.

Current Mentors

New Erik Nielsen smaller

Erik Nielsen  (Senior Mentor)
Erik Nielsen's compositional catalog includes works for chorus, orchestra, wind ensemble, solo instruments, chamber music of many configurations, works for dance, film and electronic music. His works have been performed in Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia as well as many locations in the United States and have been performed by ensembles including A Far Cry, the Amabile, Chiara, Emerson and Ying String Quartets; the National Symphony Orchestra;  the Killington and Manchester Chamber Players; Bread and Puppet Theater; the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble; Vermont Opera Theater, Vermont Symphony; Vermont Youth Orchestra and Village and Northern Harmony. He has won awards from ASCAP, the Vermont Arts Council, and in 1991 was chosen Vermont Composer of the Year by the Vermont Music Teachers Association.  Recent commissions include Glimpses of Azure, commissioned by the Boston-based string orchestra, A Far Cry; Voices in the Wind, a set of duets for flute and viola; The Crane Maiden for chamber ensemble, narrator and three actors; two song cycles, Trajectory of Flight for mezzo-soprano and strings and The Falling of Trees for baritone and piano quartet; his Quartet for Strings #2; and Cinque Amici, a work for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano.  In 2002 he received the National Symphony Orchestra's composition prize for Vermont.  The resulting commissioned work, Mr. Nielsen's Quintet for Clarinet and Strings,  was premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D. C. on March 20, 2004.   In October, 2000, his opera, A FLEETING ANIMAL: An Opera from Judevine, a collaboration with poet/playwright David Budbill, was premiered to great acclaim in several locations in Vermont.   He was a 1994-95 recipient of a Vermont Council on the Arts Fellowship in music. In 1995 his piano quintet was performed at Carnegie Hall by the Manchester Chamber Players. He has been a recipient of ASCAP Standard Panel (now ASCAP PLUS) awards annually since 1993.   Mr. Nielsen lives in Brookfield, Vermont and teaches music theory and composition with the Vermont Youth Orchestra, the Monteverdi School and privately. Erik is a member of ASCAP. More info.

WillCharron pic150w 

Will D. Charron 
Will Charron grew up in Eastford, CT where he developed his passion for music by teaching himself to play percussion and guitar throughout middle and high school. With several years of performance and composition experience under his belt, Charron moved to Burlington, VT to attend UVM, where he received a degree in Music Education with a concentration in Music Theory & Composition in 2013. That year, he was also the recipient of the Lyman S. Rowell Academic Achievement Award in Music. Throughout his college career, he primarily studied percussion with Dr. D. Thomas Toner but also drum set with Jeff Salisbury and electric bass with John Rivers. In addition, he served as Co-President (alongside Andy Gagnon) of UVM's chapter of NAfME Collegiate (National Association for Music Education) for two years. As part of his studies at UVM, Charron was a composer-mentor with Music-COMP for several semesters and has since returned as a performer and composer-mentor in 2015. Currently residing in Warren, VT, he splits his time between teaching private music lessons, working at Sugarbush Resort, and composing from his mountainside condo.


Mike Close 
Michael Close is a composer, cellist, and teacher living in Worcester, VT.   He has been a composer-mentor with Music-COMP since 2004. He graduated from Bennington College in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in music composition and a master of arts in education. He teaches cello and chamber music classes at the Monteverdi Music School in Montpelier. He is also the music teacher at Moretown Elementary School and Doty Memorial School. Michael plays cello with a wide variety of orchestral and chamber groups around Vermont. He has been the section leader of and a soloist with the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra. He is a prolific composer and some of his most recent works have been performed by the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, The Birmingham Bloomfield Symphony, The Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, Chamber Music at the Scarab Club of Detroit, the Eleva Chamber Players, and the Vermont Choral Union.

lee current150w 

Lee Heuermann  
Lee Heuermann, composer/singer-actor, pianist and flutist is a freelance musician and teacher living in Berkeley, CA.  She was formerly on the faculty of the School of Performing Arts (SOPA) at Virginia Tech. She was on the faculty of the University of Montana's College of Visual and Performing Arts and Wilderness and Civilization Program, where she taught a variety of classes including music composition, and developed the course "Sound in the Natural World". Most recently, Heuermann performed her work Being Peace, and she was a featured speaker with her talk "Being Peace and the Power of the Voice", at the 3rd Annual International Conference of Young Buddhists and Scientists in Hong Kong (2013). Her composition Ridge of Blue Longing, (commissioned by the Montana Music Teacher's Association) was the 2011 recipient of the Judith Lang Zaimant Prize from the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM).  Heuermann has frequently collaborated with Amy Ragsdale's Headwater's Dance Company. In 2012, Lee worked with poet Prageeta Sharma, creating the song cycle A Lesson In American History, based on the life of suffragist, Alice Paul. As a singer, Lee specializes in contemporary music and experimental jazz and is an improvisational pianist. Heuermann is founder of the Floating Feather Band, an international composer/performer collective, with musicians from Brisbane, Australia, Montana, and California.  Additionally, she has received a National Endowment for the Arts/Interarts Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship for her performance art piece Wearing Water/Eating Cement - Icons To Kiss, with visual artist, Elizabeth Lide.  Heuermann was Artist in Residence in composition at the Banff Center for the Arts, and in 2010, performed in Banff at "Resonations", a concert for peace sponsored by the United Nations.  Lee's composition teachers have included Daria Semegen, Sheila Silver, Daniel Weymouth, Jacob Druckman, Betsy Jolas, Lukas Foss, Marlos Nobre, and Malcolm Peyton. Heuermann has a Ph. D. in Composition from Stony Brook University, a MM degree from the Yale School of Music, and a BA from the New England Conservatory of Music, and was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.  To learn more about Lee's works visit her website at http://www.blheuermann.com


Jennifer Jolley
Urban environments, city sounds, and nostalgia influence Jennifer Jolley's compositions and sound installations. She is the co-founder of North American New Opera Workshop (NANOWorks Opera), a new chamber opera company devoted to developing and staging short contemporary operas by emerging North American composers, and also authors Why Compose When You Can Blog?, a web log about contemporary composing. Her music has been performed in the United States, Canada, and Europe by various ensembles including the Bard Orchestra, Xavier University Symphonic Winds, concert:nova, Hartford Opera Theater, New Fangled Opera, Ottawa New Music Creators, and the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble. Originally from Los Angeles, Jennifer is an Assistant Professor of Music (Composition and Theory) at Ohio Wesleyan University. She earned both her D.M.A. and M.M. at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music studying under Douglas Knehans, Joel Hoffman, and Michael Fiday, and her B.M. at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music studying under Stephen Hartke and Frank Ticheli. She teaches music composition, theory, orchestration, and electronic music at OWU.

Matt LaRocca HeadshotBW150w

Matt LaRocca
Matt LaRocca is a composer, performer and educator based in Burlington VT, where he directs the South Burlington Community Choir.  A graduate of Middlebury College, Matt holds a M.M. from Carnegie Mellon University and a D.M.A. from Boston University.  He is a member of ASCAP, and his work has been commissioned by the Metropolitan Wind Symphony, the New Jersey Youth Symphony and the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra.   Equally at home in acoustic and electronic music, Matt has taught digital music and managed several recording studios and a music technology lab at Montana State University.  In addition to composing, he is also an avid performer on both the guitar and viola, with projects ranging from avant-garde to traditional classical music to an 80’s cover band.

Jake2 150w

Jake Lester 
Jake Lester, originally from Marshfield, MA, studied Music Education with a concentration in composition at The University of Vermont. He has composed in a variety of different styles such as classical, electronic and film score, with programs like Logic Pro, Sibelius and Garageband. Jake studied clarinet with Steve Klimowski, drums with Jeff Salisbury and voice with Sarah Cullins. He studied composition with David Feurzeig and TL Read, as well as jazz arranging with Patricia Julien. While studying at UVM, Jake performed with the Concert Band, Vermont Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Latin Jazz Band, Clarinet Quartet, and Symphony Orchestra. In May 2013, Jake travelled to China along with Music-COMP veteran Andy Gagnon and two other music majors. Here, he and his colleagues engaged in a collaborative musical experience with students in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, co-creating a piece titled "Confluence". During the same concert, Jake premiered a flute duet titled "Echoes of Sunset". In April 2014, Jake was part of a concert for UVM president E. Thomas Sullivan, where he performed his piece "Eastern Themes", a piece inspired by and adapted from the music of East Asia. During this time, he was also awarded the Amanda Cup Award for Excellence In Vocal or Instrumental Composition by the UVM Music Department. In April 2015, he was awarded the "Thomas L. Read Award in Composition" from UVM, coincidentally right before the Opus 30 concert! Jake was a mentor with Music-COMP for three semesters during his studies, and is grateful to now be a full-time mentor. He currently works full-time as a paraeducator for the Winooski School District. Outside of music and teaching, he enjoys running, geeking out over video games and movies, and spending time with the people who matter.

Matt Podd newforwebsite244

Matt Podd 
Matt Podd is a pianist, composer, and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds degrees from The Eastman School of Music and Ithaca College. As a pianist Matt specializes in jazz, gospel, pop, musical theatre, and choral accompaniment. He has appeared on stage with some of New York City’s finest musicians at Town Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Symphony Space, the 92nd Street Y, Rockwood Music Hall, and Shapeshifter Lab. As a composer, arranger, and orchestrator Matt Podd has a wide range of experience, from children's choir to jazz ensemble, chamber groups to full orchestra. He has composed and arranged music for the Young People's Chorus of New York City, the New York Pops Orchestra, Jake Shimabukuro, Stephen Kellogg, Milton Delug, and countless other artists, choirs, and ensembles. Matt is a member of ASCAP. Matt works regularly with his twin brother Adam on a variety of composing, arranging, and recording projects. They have worked as co-composers on several new musicals including Nightfall On Miranga Island, featured in NYC Fringe Festival 2012 Encore Series.

Travis Ramsey

Travis Ramsey 
Travis M. Ramsey earned his bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Southern Maine and his master’s degree from Boston University in 2011.  Travis splits his time between teaching band, chorus, and general music at the Weathersfield School in Ascutney, and composing.  His works as a professional composer have been commissioned by choruses, bands, and orchestras throughout New England including the Wellesley (MA) Symphony Orchestra and the Choral Art Society (Portland, ME).  This spring three of his vocal works will be premiered: Be With Me Still and Peace I Leave You by Ensemble Zephyrus (Sharon, VT), and Be Not Afeard by the University of Southern Maine Chorale (Gorham, ME).  His work composing music for the USM Theatre department's 2002 production of The Good Woman of Setzuan earned an award for Best Student Sound Design. His composition Be With Me Still was a finalist in the Meistersingers 2010 choral composition contest. Travis lives with his wife, Gisela and daughter, Anna in Etna, New Hampshire.


Zach Sheets 
Zach Sheets enjoys a diverse musical life as a composer, chamber musician, and orchestral flutist. As a composer, Zach's works have been performed by such groups as the Ensemble InterContemporain, the Talea Ensemble, the Callithumpian Consort, the Juventas New Music Ensemble, the Brattle Street Chamber Players, cellist Séverine Ballon, the Vermont Youth Orchestra, the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, and many others. He was featured in a performance of his own solo flute work, that colors the stone, at the 2015 Spoleto Festival USA, and recently completed a new work as part of the 2015 ManiFeste Academy at IRCAM in Paris. Zach currently serves as principal flutist, Lyndon Paul Lorusso Chair, of the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, and as flutist for the [Switch~ Ensemble]. He has furthered performed with the New World Symphony, the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra, the Boston Ballet, the Albany Symphony, the Portland Symphony Orchestra, Slee Sinfonietta, the Encounters Ensemble, and Ensemble Signal. Zach is a member of ASCAP. To read and hear more, please visit: http://zachsheetsmusic.com

Recent Mentors


Alexandra Fol  
The music of Alexandra Fol has been performed by ensembles such as the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, the Sofia Symphony Orchestra, the McGill symphony, the orkest de ereprijs, the Orchestre de la Francophonie, the CYE ensemble and the New York Miniaturist Ensemble among others. Finalist for the 2006 Gaudeamus Prize, and winner of the 2007 Leonard Bernstein Tanglewood fellowship, she completed a Doctor of Music degree at McGill University in 2011. Fol works as composer, organist and conductor in Montréal, Canada and serves as Secretary General at the International Research and Information Centre Thracica. For more information, please visit http://www.alexandrafol.blog.com. Alexandra is a member of SOCAN.


Dominique Gagne
Dominique Gagne is a freelance composer, jazz flutist and pianist. She has a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Oberlin Conservatory and a Masters in Jazz Composition and Arranging from UMass Amherst. Having recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY, she is teaching early childhood music and also playing and composing for the newly-formed Brazilian/Roots ensemble called the Brooklyn Fife Revival. She is currently working on an original piece for the National Flute Association's Jazz Flute Big Band, to be premiered this summer at their conference in NYC. Dominique is a member of ASCAP.


Andrew Gagnon  
Andy Gagnon has been composing since the age of three when he penned his first piece, Do It Yourself, a charming work in ABCA form for solo voice and Fisher Price keyboard-glockenspiel about the hardships and eventual rewards of cleaning one's room. During his high school years, Mr. Gagnon worked with the Music-COMP as a student composer, refining his compositional techniques. Mr. Gagnon now studies music education at the University of Vermont where, along with good friend and colleague Will Charron, he is humbly assisting in the development of a new composition concentration within his major.


Molly Joyce  
Molly Joyce is an eighteen year old composer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She currently attends The Juilliard School in New York City, studying with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Christopher Rouse and privately with Missy Mazzoli. She has studied at many conservatories, most recently the Royal College of Music in London with Timothy Salter and La Schola Cantorum in Paris with Michel Merlet. She is also the recipient of many awards including a 2010 ASCAP Morton Gould Award and was also named a finalist in the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts 2010 Young Arts Competition. Read more about Molly on her website:www.mollysjoyce.com. Molly is a member of ASCAP.


Dillon Kondor  
Dillon Kondor is a composer, conductor, electric guitarist and bassist living in New York City. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree in composition at Manhattan School of Music, where he studies with Reiko Fueting. Recent projects include "Sleep Spindles" for solo trombone and "Snow" for percussion quartet. He is also in the process of recording an R&B album with his band The Proles. To hear his music and learn about upcoming events, go to www.myspace.com/dillonkondor


Robinson McClellan
Robinson McClellan is a composer, teacher, and scholar. His music has been commissioned and played by the Albany, Ft. Worth, and Knox-Galesburg Symphonies, Amsterdam's Gaudeamus Competition, and others. He has done residencies at MacDowell and Yaddo, and his choral music is published in the NCCO Choral Music Series and, Music by Heart, an Episcopal hymnal. Robin has taught composition at Hunter College and is spearheading ComposerCraft, a composition intensive for young composers at the Special Music School in NYC. He is a composer mentor for YCIW at the Little Red Schoolhouse (also in NYC), and he is on the music faculty at Rutgers University and Wagner, Manhattan, and St. Francis Colleges, and the Lucy Moses School. He earned his doctorate in composition (DMA) at the Yale School of Music and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. For more info visit: www.robinsonmcclellan.com. Robinson is a member of ASCAP.


Dr. Matthew McConnell  
Dr. Matthew McConnell is a composer, organist, and piano instructor who holds a B. A. degree in Music from Bennington College, a M.M. degree in Musical Composition from the New England Conservatory of Music, as well as the Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree from the same institution. His principal teachers have included Stephen Siegel, Allen Shaw, John Heiss and Hollywood film orchestrator Erik Lundborg. McConnell received the Aaron Copland scholarship to attend The Conducting Institute's Composer/Conductor Program at Bard College, and is a member of ASCAP. McConnell co-founded The Toyland Band, a Boston-based award-winning instrumental ensemble that specializes in performing arrangements of classical and popular music for children on no less than 28 diverse toy instruments.


Patricia Morehead  
Composer, oboist and professor Patricia Morehead holds a B. M in oboe from the New England Conservatory of Music and a PhD in composition from the University of Chicago, the city which she also calls home. She is leader of the Composers Forum at the Merit School of Music, where she teaches composition and theory. She has served as Artistic Director of CUBE Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Chicago for 20 seasons and continues as founder and an ensemble member. Her many compositions, commissions and grants have led to an extensive roster of international world premieres and audio recordings. Dr. Morehead has performed extensively in Brazil, Canada, China, Europe and the United States. She has also served in senior board positions with New Music Chicago, New European Music Overseas, American Women Composers, Midwest and the International Alliance of Women in Music. Patricia is a member of ASCAP.



David Ludwig  
The music of David Ludwig has been heard worldwide and has been performed in some of the most prestigious venues. He is the resident composer of the Vermont Symphony, along with several other active residencies, and has gathered many awards. Ludwig joined the faculty of The Curtis Institute in 2002. Visit David Ludwig's website to learn more.


Rob Paterson  
The son of two visual artists, Robert Paterson's music is often inspired by nature, visual art, machines and American icons, and has been described in the press as "one of the major contenders in American music." Paterson has received performances in the United States and abroad by many outstanding ensembles, including the Louisville Orchestra, Russian Chamber Orchestra, Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire , New York New Music Ensemble, Da Capo Chamber Players, California EAR Unit, Ensemble Aleph and at the June in Buffalo Festival. His many awards include a Copland Award, the Brian Israel Prize, the Louisville Orchestra Composition Competition and twice winning the ASCAP Young Composer's Award. Read more about Rob on his website: www.robpaterson.com. Robert is a member of ASCAP.

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Beginning in 1995, the Vermont MIDI Project fostered a community of music educators, professional composer mentors, music organizations, and pre-service educators who encourage and support music composition for students. Addressing composition in the curriculum for classroom music, theory and composition courses, and instrumental and vocal ensembles is being achieved through a variety of activities. Our name change to Music-COMP took place in July 2012 to explain our purpose through our organization name.