Winter Walk

Jacob Dennison

Grade 10, Lake Region Union High School, Orleans, VT

"I moved to Vermont as a child, and growing up in a colder climate, I came to love winter. In my backyard there is a mound with a forest on it that I enjoy walking around in the snow, and near it is a brook. This piece is meant to represent the different parts of the landscape on a walk around this area. The staccato notes in the bass represent my crunching footsteps in the snow, while the higher parts, drifting in and out, represent the breeze. Then, the snow starts falling when the string parts form chords. The melody the oboe has after this part represents the snowfall as I continue the walk. Snow falls from trees and the wind picks up and you hear the rushing water of the brook. Then, the piece changes key and slows down. At the Andante section, I sit near the brook, water rushing, wind blowing, and ice cracking."

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus30