The Roamings of the Showshoe Hare

Saigelyn Green

Grade 12, North Country Union High School, Newport, VT

"All new beginnings of life are joyful, playful, and tumbling, which is the first depiction of this piece. The snowshoe hare is with other baby animals, exploring new life, and then goes off on its own. The snowshoe hare is cautious and quiet, but fast and still in possession of its younger curiosities. The hare sees beautiful birds and follows them for a while, but they fly away, and so it continues on. It then encounters a Catamount, which in itself is a mysterious animal because of the uncertainty of its continued existence, and so the snowshoe hare scurries, as the Catamount continues on its way. Unfortunately, the hare runs into a fox, and they have a dramatic battle, with the snowshoe hare nearly escaping with its life to end the piece."

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus30