The Frozen Lake

Eileen Kocherlakota

Grade 12, Burlington High School, VT

"This piece is written for string quartet, and tries to capture what the lake is like when frozen. The different sections of the piece represent the different forms the lake can take once it has frozen over. This piece, in its essence, is theme and variations, with the theme from the beginning morphing as the piece progresses. In the beginning, it is dark and mysterious, with the lower instruments taking control (and freezing over). The higher instruments then gradually enter, and usher in a more playful section, such as people skating on the lake. The next section is a bit more mournful, and has changed keys, though stayed minor, and speeds up a bit. It then goes back to the original melody but with elements from the other variations intertwined with it. It slows down and quietly fades away, and with it the ice on the lake begins to melt."

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus30