Party at 10 P. M.

Annika Henitz

Grade 5, Wallingford Elementary School, VT

“I learned so much from my mentor, Matt, and now I think my piece is so much better then when I started! My goals were: 1) To improve on this bass to make it more like a jazz/blues piece 2) To discover new techniques and to integrate them into the piece. I feel like I achieved both of them in different ways. The first goal changed slightly as my piece progressed. I think I made it more into its own style, a combination of the 2 styles (jazz and blues).  The second goal my mentor helped me achieve. He gave me new ideas on how to make my piece easier to read, more interesting, and ways to help the melody. My composition is Party at 10 PM. What I  feel when I listen to it is a party that's winding down, after lots of fun, and some good laughs. Everyone's getting tired, but is still in a slightly party state of mind.”

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus 29