Leslie Bixby

Grade 11, Black River High School, Ludlow, VT

“Composing for brass instruments is not very common for me, neither is composing Jazz music. Wanting to do something different and a little outside my comfort zone, I started to write this piece and it began to come out better than I was expecting. I decided to title this piece, "Nola" to represent the location from which the Jazz genre originated; New Orleans, Louisiana. "Nola" uses two trumpets, a trombone, and a drum set, all of which receive their 'spotlight' moments throughout this piece. It has many dynamics in order to try and shape each phrase, allowing the instruments that are playing the melody to be heard over the accompanying instruments. This piece was also inspired by Charles Mingus's "Nostalgia In Times Square" This piece features typical dynamic accents such as Staccatos, what is known in jazz as 'dit'. Staccatos indicate that the last part of a note should be silenced, creating separation between it and the following note. It also features Marcatos, what is known in jazz as 'dah'. Marcatos indicate that the note has an emphasized beginning, but tapers off quickly.”

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus 29