Morning Melody

Amelia Opsahl and Wells Mundell-Wood

Grade 6, The Grammar School, Putney VT

 "Amelia and Wells shared these thoughts:  “We'll start by saying that we really enjoyed composing our piece "Morning Melody". We've never composed anything quite like this before. The mix of using the common combination of French Horn and Piano but then adding that extra flare of the Snare drum really made it fun to compose and experiment with new things! We picked the name "Morning Melody" because we really loved how the French Horn and the Piano captured the melodic happiness of the morning time, and how the Snare Drum captured the bustle of business of the morning time. We really enjoyed composing "Morning Melody" and we hope you like it too! “ Amelia WellsOpus29 250w

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Tags: live performance, student composer, opus 29