Aria and Fanfare

Arijeet Sensharma

Grade 12, George Mason High School, Falls Church, VA

“This is a brass quintet piece which utilizes the unique capabilities of the brass instruments, including fanfares and lip slurs. The piece begins in the key of B-flat Major with a brief opening fanfare section, and then the First Trumpet introduces the A theme melody This theme is then imitated in the French Horn and Trombone. There is a transition section next, building into the key change to F Major. There is then an extended fanfare section featuring all of the instruments, before the opening fanfare theme is reintroduced, leading into the finale. I intend to perform this with players from my high school band.”Arijeet musicians400

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Note: Arijeet joined us from Falls Church, VA via Skype for his rehearsal in Colchester, VT.

Tags: live performance, student composer, opus 29