The Overshadow

Saigelyn Green

Grade 11, North Country UHS, Newport VT

 "Beginning slowly, The Overshadow depicts a sense of mystery.  Through the use of dissonance and slow, long tones, it conveys confusion and vague gloom. Still feeling static, the piece begins to pick up speed, and conveys a feeling of being lost. The many fast sections of The Overshadow is intended to convey intensity, and yet still have that same mysterious unsureness. It also has a feeling of desperation like it's reaching towards something. Imagine a flickering candle, and the shadows being created by something in the dark. See a dark shape, something, acting cautious at first, and then moving about the flame of the candle faster and faster, with abrupt jolts, shown through the music particularly in the second fast section, and also with the short stops. This object, this shape, goes about the flame faster and faster, gaining confidence and then finally, the flame goes out for the ending in a big finish."

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Tags: Opus 28, live performance, student composer