The Misty City of Brigadoon

Meredith Beals

Grade 12, North Country UHS, Newport VT

 "The Misty City of Brigadoon is a two movement piece.The is piece is based off a Scottish legend of a disappearing city called Brigadoon. I want the piece to reflect old style Celtic music with the second movement being a jig and the first movement being reflective of music used to call fairies and spirits.
 Movement One: Imagine you are a weary traveller who is wandering about the Scottish highlands. Suddenly a dense mist rolls in and surrounds you making it hard for you to see. Just as your are about to give up hope you see the twinkling lights appear and disappear in the mist. (The pizzicato cello). Something about those lights are unsettling. Fear prickles at the back of your neck or is that just ice cold rain drops giving you the sensation of being watched (The pizzicato violin). Excited to get out of the cold you cautiously walk towards the magical lights previously seen and to your surprise a town appears. As you enter the fear and sounds of the wild Highlands fade away into nothingness.
 Movement Two: Now that you have approached the city you enter to find a lively festival going on. Pretty women, handsome men and perhaps a few familiar faces go by in a blur of lantern light and peaty scotch. A cry goes up from the crowd and a frolicking jig fills the air. One of the fine locals asks you to dance, you oblige and the night wares on in the haze of good company and comfort. As the first rays of dawn begin to grace the Highlands and burn away the mist the festival begins to pick up in a frenzy of dancing, drinking and singing. The sun finally comes up and you realize you are stuck here forever.

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Tags: Opus 28, live performance, student composer