Snowy Blues

Abby Crowley

Grade 6, Mt. Holly School VT

 "My piece is entitled Snowy Blues. I decided to choose that title for it because the notes represent snowflakes falling out of the sky, a crackling fire, and hot cocoa. Also, the days that I have been working on this piece, it has been snowing. This is a jazz piece using the D blues scale. My form is "A", "B", "C", and then the first few measures of "A" as an ending. The "A" section is from measure 1-16. The "B" section is from measures 16-28. My "C" section is fron measures 29 through 43. My ending is from measures 44 through 50.  The instrument that I have chosen is a clarinet."

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Tags: Opus 28, live performance, student composer