Schizophrenic Daydream

Fred Petzoldt

Grade 12, North Country UHS, Newport, VT

"This piece sounds dark because of the dissonance. The Bass Clarinet starts with its own little melody. But then when the Bass Clarinet repeats it the Contrebass comes in and makes the piece even more spookier. I then let the oboe do as the Bass Clarinet did just shifted up. They all play next. I then transfer into this new motive where the Contrebass takes over the melody while the Oboe is doing 16th notes back and forth. The Bass Clarinet goes between helping the Contrebass and making more chaos. In the final part of the piece the Contrebass is chromatically going up while the Bass Clarinet and Oboe form the new final melody. All three parts slowly come together to play the same thing then they trade off triplets on different beats while the others play the original part. This causes more and more chaos until the final notes.  I named this piece Schizophrenic Daydream because its dark and you can't expect what is coming next. It's always a surprise. Then the final "chord" is the point where the person wakes up."

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Tags: Opus 28, live performance, Student Composer Showcase