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Ethan Duncan World Premier with the VSO

NEW - audio recording from the VSO Farmer's Night Concert

Ethan Duncan joined Music-COMP as an Independent Study student last year in seventh grade. Now an experienced student composer of 12 years of age, he's achieved something quite extraordinary. Jaime Laredo, music director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, led a small ensemble of strings and woodwinds in a world premier of Ethan's new work titled A Year in Vermont. The work was included in the David. M. Wilson Memorial Farmer's Night concert at the State House on January 21, 2015.

The Times/Argus featured Ethan and Maestro Laredo, on their front page with the title, His Mark on the World. Thanks to Jeb Wallace-Brodeur and the Times/Argus for this photo.

 VSO Farmers Night400w

Ethan described A Year in Vermont for string and wind ensemble:"The four sections of the piece are meant to represent the four seasons we see and experience in my home state."

Recently Ethan reflected on the experience, "I found that the VSO Farmer's Night event was a fantastic way to spread the word about my composition and the Music-COMP program. Erik Nielsen was very helpful to my piece because, honestly, I really need it to be heard by someone else before it's performed because normally, you hear what you want to hear and there are mistakes that I don't catch that mentors, and their experienced ears, do. I would recommend this event in the future to anyone who would like a chance to further their composition careers because it's public and people really appreciate the music."