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A peice for violin, viola, cello, and piano. A slow and short peice
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A piece that includes Piano, Viola, and Cello. It transitions from the key of G major to A major. It is a quick-paced song that has many changes.
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this score is meant to represent a battle, the first 9 measures are the men in the castle watching their enemies march toward them, the second part is of the battle, the third part, which is a piano solo, is one man looking over the wreckage, the fourth movement is the castle rejoicing, and the last part is a preview to the next battle
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Named "Bach's Screenplay Score" because of the mixture of a late 1600's instrument trio with a modern movie score. Brewed together, makes Bach's Screenplay Score.
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This piece is supposed to sound like an alchemist who is putting metals together to make things like potions and gold. In some parts, more than one instrument has the main melody, so it sounds like the melodys are two different items that the alchemist are putting together, And the melody is the chemical reactions that turn it into the result.
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This piece begins with violin, viola, and cello; all playing in a very high register. The first part is in C major, although it fluctuates between C major and A minor throughout - hence the name. It concludes in A minor.