Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 9-12

Composer Name: Evan Choquette
This is the very beginning of my composition. In the long run I'd like to express a space theme, as alluded to by the title as of now.
Composer Name: Matey Thygesen
This piece has a couple different verses, it goes through phases of minor and major chords, and it has a rich harmony and thick texture throughout.
Composer Name: Christian Richards
First melody I've written in Western harmony. I primarily play piano and saxophone, but mostly as jazz, so this is a little off the beaten path for me. I originally played classical piano before learning jazz.
Composer Name: Anthony Sheppard
Composer Name: Katharina Müller
A brass quartet written in a rhythmic system of three; 3 subdivisions of the beat, 3 beats in a measure, 3 measures in a phrase. The piece highlights the resounding tones of brass instruments in melodies that convey the imagery of an expansive landscape.
Composer Name: Anthony Bellizzi
I want to have a poem being spoken on top of the music. I also want to try a kind of free time section where the musicians are cued but the words that are being said. In the idea i provide I have the melody always being the top note and the chords are just the harmony i kinda want.