Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 9-12

Composer Name: Anna & Vivian Halladay
Although we do not yet have much music, the mood of the piece has already been established as fast-paced and minor. The brass instruments play in a relatively low register, and the drums provide the pulse (with a hemiola).
Composer Name: Erin Magill
"A Touch of Golden Air" is a song for brass quartet, in 3/4 with a relaxed feeling tempo. Mostly what I have right now is a melody.
Composer Name: Everett Simkins
4/4 slow lyrical / 5/4 funky, more description to follow.
Composer Name: Jaron Thomas Rochon
This Brass Fugue is a work in progress composition. My inspiration for this piece came from Bach and his Prelude and Fugue in F Minor BWV 857.
Composer Name: Ethan Duncan
Several famous/recognizable songs all in one. Brass quartet, piano and drums.
Composer Name: Izzy Serebrov
A play on themes, overlapping and creating tension and release.