Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 9-12

Composer Name: Josephine Gillen
This song represents adventure in different parts of the world.
Composer Name: Benjamin Pellizzari
My piece is called "Alone, But Not Lonely.: It is written for piano and vocalist in 5/4 time. It has the dynamic marking of "pp" and should be played lightly like a feather falling in the swift breeze. However the dynamic mark changes to mp during some parts of the piece to emphasize the theme "not lonely." The pp dynamic will represent the theme "alone"
Composer Name: Hap Riley Ingram
Original piece for trombone, trumpet, and two voices. In this piece I am trying to express a desire to go with the flow. I want the music to describe the melancholy of life and that it is best not to fight the path that life gives you.
Composer Name: Kristian Labrie
A simple and short piece that introduces a motif and builds upon it until the climax of the piece (in the form of a drum solo) and then returns back to the basics. One of my first compositions.
Composer Name: Alex Wick
This piece is unfinished and meant for selection for Opus 33.
Composer Name: Nicholas Steventon
Bass Composition Ideas- More info soon