Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 9-12

Composer Name: Ellett Merriman
This is a fast pace song, that has a dancing feel when you hear it.
Composer Name: Anna Schmeltzer
An SSAA Choral song (That can easily be made SATB), with the words of Sara Teasdale's "Morning Song", but in with a minor tone, so I changed it to mourning song.
Composer Name: Gabriella Holter
This song is about a bullfighter in Spain. As the piece goes on I intend to add more parts to create more drama between the characters. So far the instrumentation consists of trumpet, and trombone.
Composer Name: Asa Knight MacDonald ( Anderson )
This piece of music I am creating reflects my past and growing up with my siblings among stress, hardships, abuse from my birth father. Imagination plays a key role in my childhood because it was a way to escape from the horrid reality we lived in and go anywhere we wanted and be whoever we wanted to be, even if it was just for 1 hour out of the day. I didn't want to reflect on who bad our situation was so imagination took those feelings of pain and hardships away.
Composer Name: Isabelle Maranda
Its a happy song, and a place everyone wants to go.
Composer Name: Julia Loewer
A piece for an SATB quartet. The words are from a poem by Joseph Auslander called "I Know it Will be Quiet When You Come" written in 1922. The piece describes a personal memory of mine, sitting in the middle of the night on an island in New Hampshire, watching the waves of the ocean and the stars with a good friend of mine.