Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 6-8

Composer Name: Arlo Moses
It is a piano duet with a bass drum harmony.
Composer Name: Travis Percy
Still figuring it out
Composer Name: Hunter Ducharme
I don't know yet
Composer Name: Jonah Sayler
A dark piece that is bold and majestic. I chose D minor because I wanted it to sound dark and strong.
Composer Name: Drew Frankenberg
The first movement depicts a king on his throne, a messenger runs in, saying that a king of another kingdom declared war on him The second movement describes the long journey to the battle, and all of the hardships they face. The third movement emulates the thrill and glory of battle, it is supposed to be exciting and has a quick tempo The third movement describes the celebration of the king's troops after they conquer their enemies. And the fifth and final movement reminds the solders that there is still a war ti fight.
Composer Name: Quinn Shelley
My piece has many different parts which shift in dynamics and trade the melody with each other, so none of them is really the lead instrument.