Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 6-8

Composer Name: Allison Cooper-Ellis
A piece that was originally for a string orchestra but sounds nice as a piano piece too.
Composer Name: Maeve Fairfax
These are my first eight measures, I will eventually put lyrics to them.
Composer Name: Jamie Maddox~White
A jazzy trio of trumpet, trombone, and piano.
Composer Name: Tyler Ryan
This Song is about a man who lives in a cold, dark time. He is trapped in his own feelings and has nobody to go to for help. The man is looking for the "Light" or the motivation to keep fighting, and to overcome his failure while trying to regain his happiness anyway he can.
Composer Name: Madison McRae
No clear focus
Composer Name: Sarah Greene
During the Cuban Revolution, in 1961, Fidel Castro sent out brigades, trying to get rid off illiteracy in Cuba. This this the story of them.