Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 6-8

Composer Name: Jackson Kany
I am still figuring out a name for this piece.
Composer Name: Tatiana Byam
I am going to compose a piece that has sort of a bouncy melody and a fun baseline
Composer Name: Annika Redmond
I'm working on creating a piece for a full brass group. I'm trying to create a composition that has moments that are suspenseful. I want to explore how a combination of multiple instruments can be more interesting than 1.
Composer Name: Kasi Mccann
This piece will get a name change soon but I don't have a good name for it yet.
Composer Name: Caleb Richardson
Has a feeling of fireflies in the night.
Composer Name: :Daniel Wick
I chose to make a song that sounded like a hip hop beat, but it’s played by instruments that usually play classical music