Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 2-5

Composer Name: Alaiza Roth
This piece is about a person chasing a unicorn. The french horn represents the person and the piano represents the unicorn. This is the first time I have written a piece so I would like any help and feedback.
Composer Name: Megan Goldsmith
I am trying to write a piece that has a mellow feel. I also want it to be exciting, and feel like it's around Christmas time. I haven't started to add the xylophone part but I hope it will add to the excitement of the piece. I am hoping to make this into a theme and variations. I am looking for feedback about ways I can vary my theme to create the form and strategies for adding harmony. Thanks!
Composer Name: Sophia Ambroggio
This piece is slow at the beginning and then speeds up. I hope to have it be like you are just floating through space and you see a distant galaxy and you get excited about it. I haven't decided on the instruments yet for live performance. I am hoping for feedback about the rhythm in measures 11 and 12. Any other suggestions would be great!
Composer Name: Myles Alanbar
I want my piece to change from minor to major and back again. I wrote it for piano and two trumpets. So far I have only written a few measures. I called it memories because I think it changes between good and bad and that is like memories which can be sometimes good and sometimes bad. I am looking for any feedback about my work.
Composer Name: Atara Metzger
I wrote this piece for piano. My key note is C and the time signature is 4/4. I am looking for feedback about how to change some of the notes in the bass clef part to sound better with the other part. I also want feedback about the rhythm in measure nine that sounds weird.