Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 2-5

Composer Name: Connor Byam
I am using piano and trombone. I am thinking of a royal procession.
Composer Name: Zane del Pozo
I chose piano but I would like to add more instruments.
Composer Name: Tess Bernadette Ewoldsen
iMy piece rises and falls like a wave
Composer Name: Lisa Zhou-Hackett
I started with piano and violin. I would to change the violin to french horn. My piece reminds me of skiing.
Composer Name: Trudy Farrell
When I wrote this, I imagined laying under and midnight sky, and there is nothing, and no one in sight but stars and the glowing moon.
Composer Name: Kiara Kirkland
So far my piece is written for piano and voice. It is a call and response with the piano doing the call and the voice doing the response. This is my first composition. I would like and any and all feedback. Thanks!