Mentoring Program

Opus 33 Grades 2-5

Composer Name: Oscar Jacobsen
This song is about two squirrels who are chasing each other up a tree.
Composer Name: Felix Roesch
still working on it
Composer Name: Bella Israel
This piece is a duet. I wrote it for two french horns and now know I will need to change one to another instruments. Any suggestions, please? Also I would like to change my time signature to 2/4.
Composer Name: Lillian Gray
This piece is for piano. I would like to change it to two different instruments like the french horn and trumpet. I need help with the time signature to change to 4/4.
Composer Name: Sophie Brown
There's three low notes and followed by one high note starting in measure 5. I really like how that sounds. I would like to build off of that motive.
Composer Name: Grace Maley
I named this "Yay" because it seemed happy. I need to change my instruments to brass for I started with strings. This is the start of A section and would like to extend it to have a B section.