Mentoring Program

Crossett Brook

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More to come soon!
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This is a fast moving tempo in the beginning than gets slower to signify where gliding may happen to a bird. This song sort of follows a birds flying habits. Speeds up than glides.
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Has a reoccuring theme passed around between different instruments
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The beginning is a marching band style, and then I did a calm movement, then another energetic section, then ended with a calm phrase.
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I wrote this piece with my saxophone with me. I played a melody and tried to figure out the rhythms that went along with it.
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My piece is about an "Amber Alert" being sent out to a town. Before I wrote this piece I had the title written, so is what inspired the sound. The beginning of the piece resembles the actual alert, and the melody is the search. The music goes fast paced at first and then the slow pace is not finding the kid.