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MMU AP Theory

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This is a draft for a theme taken from the instrumental Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band. I am planning on adding more orchestration for the statement of theme.
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I chose to do "Across the Universe" by the Beatles for my composition. I experimented with many different instruments but eventually landed on these.
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For my variations on a theme I decided to use the saxophone part from careless whisper as my base theme. Thus far I just have the melody, as I am only partly confident in the key signature, but I'm pretty sure its in D minor. I'm looking for help with a harmony underneath the melodic line, and a better way to close out the main theme.
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The song "Penny Lane" by the Beatles with variations on the theme.
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I wanted to play around with a minor variation of this classic with a counter melody.
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Taken from Schubert op. 77 no. 9, "Waltz in A Minor."