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Theme is the part in the beginning with the chords.. transitioning to the 16 note melody line ending at the first fermata.
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This piece is for my AP Music Theory third quarter composition assignment and consists of a theme and three variations thereupon. The theme motive is something I have had stuck in my head for a while, and seems to be at least somewhat based on Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op.46, IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King.
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This is a motive for a Theme and Variation, written in a style similar to that commonly used by Chopin. Update: Instead of having put all of my noteflight entries into the same document, I made a new entry for all of them. Here's the others: Variation No. 1: Variation No. 2:
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A rough draft for the second variation with the melody swapped into the bass part/cello section. The top part, now with the harmony, is a violin solo instead of a section like the cello. I also fixed the harmony line in general to have less "stuff" to bring out the familiar melody.
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Went through the piece and fixed the cello line, looking at making some of the harmony simpler and also having no notes lower than the C. I changed the piece by adding a key change with the different harmony to elevate the composition and hopefully bring it farther than it would without the change.
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Piece written like its in 6/8 in some spots but in 2/4.