Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 9-12

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This is just the beginning of a piece at the moment... I currently only have an opening idea - an introduction. I'm probably not ready for feedback at this point, but I wanted to post before the deadline for Opus 32.
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A piano solo accompanied (eventually) by a strings section (violin, viola, and cello) and French horn.
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This piece is based off some of the melodies in a piece originally meant to be in a suite for Piano, Violin, and Viola titled, "Earth's Song," where each movement depicts a certain aspect of nature. As recommended by my previous mentor, I'm making the piece for a string trio of violin, viola, and cello, with the basic melody from my original piece. As this piece evolves into its completed form, I hope to create a piece that depicts the beauty of nature and to have a piece that evolves just like a butterfly.
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A slow piano and string duet
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This piece speaks of my newfound love and passion for life. Seeing as the rose represents love and passion, I thought it was an ideal title for my piece. I plan for the music to intensify as it moves forward, bringing forth the vivid imagery of a growing rose. I'll probably add another melody (giving my piece an ABC format thus far), possibly in minor - roses have thorns, after all. I'll figure out how to end it later along in the composition process.
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A Variation of Tempête De Liaison