Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 9-12

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Stride piano music
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Duet with piano accompaniment
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This piece is inspired by flood water and the intensity of the current and the rain. I represent this feeling through the consistent notes in the piano and the melody in the cello.
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This piece was meant to sound like a pirate sailing his ship in the ocean. He is alone and in need of a companion. His life is very sad and lonely, until one day he sees another ship near by (the key change). He finally has hope for a friend until they sail right past him (back into minor).
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"In the Spring" is a flute duet that I started in concert band class as part of our Opus 1 concert for Lake Region Union High School. I'm hoping to rewrite this for 2 violins so it can be considered for the Opus 32 concert for Music-Comp.
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A piece for strings, piano, and drums.