Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 9-12

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A string quartet meant to be evocative of an adventure through the woods.
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This piece was inspired by Money in the desert a song by Bill Laurence. I wanted to have a piece that seemed to have a story, so I started with a conversation between violin and piano that develops into something bigger throughout my piece.
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Woodwind quartet
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This piece is inspired by the calm after the storm. The idea for the piece is branching off the grief I and my school has felt after 5 of my classmates died this fall. I wanted to capture that idea of feeling like theres a storm inside of you, and the peaceful feeling when that storm goes away.
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It starts off scary, but it becomes beautiful.
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This peace is a war between four instruments; a Piano, a Cello, a Violin, and a Viola. There is a short intro at the beginning followed by a dramatic change in tempo, volume and spirit. The instruments talk back and forth within the piece forming organized chaos for the instruments until it abruptly ends.