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Opus 32 grades 9-12

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A jig type tune with a bit of a swashbuckling lilt, this piece conjures the image of a swaggering pirate captain making his rounds on board his ship. If you listen closely, you can hear the men diligently attending their duties, the right hand man listing off important pirate things that need the captain's attention, and the British Royal Navy ships somewhere off in the distance.
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String Quartet, Piano. Starts slow and picks up for short time towards the end.
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The piece depicts a journey, starting out treacherous and intimidating, but becoming more manageable and enjoyable as it goes on. I envision that it would take place on horseback as at points the music reflects a gallop of a horse. It has a religious theme in that at the end the piece is in a major key and sounds similar to a church hymn.
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"A Skip and a Twirl" is a trio for flute, clarinet, and bassoon. It begins with a cheerful tune that is very bouncy and syncopated, like someone skipping. Then partway through it becomes slower and graceful, still dancing but more like a stately twirl. All throughout the song the instruments pass the melody around, and both sections are based on the same short motive of starting on the home tone then moving a half step down and back up. To end the song, it goes back to the opening theme and each instrument has a chance to play part of the melody as a solo
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This piece is inspired by the dark - the absence of light - or more specifically, the impact it can have on an individual. Some people feel comforted and blanketed by it, and some people, including many children, are afraid of what might be lurking in it. The unusual atmosphere of this piece makes it feel to me like a ballet of shadows, evoking many contrasting emotions. It creates both uneasiness and comfort. It's like the monster under your bed trying to sing you a lullaby.
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It's a hot summer day; hottest it's been in a while. But the Connecticut river breeze and some ice cream saves you from the the heat. You take a seat outside a store that looks like you could but just about anything from. The months to come should be wonderful...