Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 6-8

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I originally created this piece for a movie that I was working on. The movie did not work out but I had fun creating a movie score. The piece is attempting to convey a sense of adventure.
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A happy song, yet a little sad.
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It came from Midnight is a piece for violin and viola that is very creepy. It represents the kind of fear that you feel when you are alone in the dark. You are not sure what is happening, and if there is something else there...
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This peice goes slowly up then starts again until it reaches its final destination, sort of like a centipede.
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My piece is a song that is "spooky" and and sounds like bells on a church or tower
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This is a piece that began as a chord progression and melody assignment in music composition class. It is a duet for piano and cello.