Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 6-8

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Vivid is an energetic, cheerful song full of changes and repeats in the key of G. I chose the name Vivid because I find the song clear and straightforward. The song started as an eight measure exercise and I just got carried away! Enjoy!
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Depressed narwhal is in A minor for Viola, Cello, Clarinet, and Piano. Now imagine that you are in a dark ocean, with sea animals all around you. It's really warm and mysterious and you are just there in the middle of nowhere and a narwhal comes up to you but he is depressed, so you lean up against him, and he leans up against you. together you are there in a warm dark ocean. Eventually he leaves you there in the ocean, alone.
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Stay in the Present in the key of G is a flute and piano duet. It was originally called "Cotton Candy Kitten Clouds". I chose Stay I the Present because I wanted people to stop and listen to my song instead of thinking about something in the future. People should be mesmerized by my piece and pulled into the moment of listening. It is a jumpy, high pitched song that makes me happy. It is a song for the start of Spring.
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very happy and update with sume sad moins perfect for wen you having a riley toradol day and neyd something happy
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I piece for violin,viola, cello, and piano
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My piece is about the littlest star in the sky of VanGoughś painting, Starry Night. The wind wants to take the star away but the little star succeeds in going home.