Mentoring Program

Opus 32 grades 6-8

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In this song, you'll be taken on a journey, on which you'll hear many things. Throughout it, you may think to yourself, "This sound familiar," yes, yes it does. Many of the motifs are repeated multiple times, almost in a circle (hence the name) but each in their own new and even unexpected way, keeping you intrigued and wondering what you'll hear next.
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This piece signifies the journey of a titan who finds his way to his destiny.
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This piece is representing our country's politics in sort of theater music. The odd parts, the smooth parts, and the crazy parts of our politics are represented in sections of this piece. It is a contemporary duet for bassoon and oboe.
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This piece is intended to create a feeling of being lost at sea with little hope as your hope is replenished and you are rescued.
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It's a sad song with very heavy stomp to create anticipation.
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It begins with clouds and a rainstorm. There are two melodies in the violin and cello which get reused in the beginning and at the end. In the middle, there is a pizzicato section like the fall of rain drops.