Mentoring Program

Opus 32 - Grades 2-5

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Submitted by Sofie Blossom and Sadie Bell
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I chose this to make this song because I love music and I play the Viola and I hope to play it.
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I have cello and viola in my piece. I am hoping to have some pizz. in the cello piece.
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want it to have a flow to it. I like it how it is right now but it may need editing.
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This piece is written for violin, Piano and Oboe. I am thinking about adding a clarinet. I want this piece to be easy to listen to. The melody is in the violin and the other parts are to support that. I would like feedback about what the form should be and how/ where I might add a new section. Any other suggestions would be nice. :)
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This is a solo piece for violin. I would like feedback about making the rhythm more interesting. There are some parts that sound weird. I'd like help making them sound better.