Mentoring Program

Opus 32 - Grades 2-5

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this to me feels like a person who is going off to battle with periods of highs and lows.
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This piece is about dancing in the moonlight. It is for string quartet.
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This is a classical style piano piece that is complemented by the violin. It was written by Rosie Perkinson and Myriam Huener. We like the interesting rhythm in the piano part. We would like help with the violin part and are wondering if we should add more instruments or make it longer.
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I would like help on the beginning, it's kind of boring but I like the surprise. I want professional help for smart, helpful suggestions. It's about spring, where a bunch of bumblebees are on a flower, and a bird swoops in.
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Flute and Violin duet
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Piano Solo in the Key of G