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Opus 32 - Grades 2-5

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I had some music in my head when I was thinking about what I should compose. I had gone to Italy the past summer. I was thinking about what I saw there, and what was happening. The clashes and dissonance are intentional and I think they make the piece sound more dark and minor. I composed this piece with many names in my head, but European Village was the one I chose.
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I made it with lots of repeats so it would be long.
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This song is preformed by a clarinet. This song more uses higher notes and less lower notes.
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It´s a duet with Piano and Violin, the piece is trying to make it sound like the Piano and Violin are fighting.
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Ocean diving is meant to sound like the ocean. It has that flowing sound that you might hear at the ocean. The instruments that I used for this piece are the violin, oboe and cello. Then, at the minor part, it is meant to sound like sharks, box jellyfish, and all of the other fierce beings of the ocean. It is in the key of F major and flows like water. Like the ocean!! The reason I wanted to write this piece is because I love water, and I wanted to write a piece that was about what I love!
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some parts repeat and the song is mostly happy