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Opus 32 - Grades 2-5

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I slowed down my piece to make it sound like if you close your eyes your floating in a galaxy. I want it to be soft but with some little breaks as if you are about to hit an asteroid. Then a soft quiet end as if you just came back to reality.
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I wrote this piece for my mom, also so my family could play it together. My mom and sister play the violin, my brother plays the viola, and I play the cello. This piece is meant to be very uplifting, also, it reminds me of waves and a breeze on the lake. It was really fun composing for Opus!
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I played some blues on the piano and liked the way it sounded so, I wanted to make my own blues piece. I was going for kind of like a road trip/movie type of style. I am very happy with how it came out and can't wait 'till next year.
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"The Snowflakes are Falling" is a cello and piano duet in the key of C. This piece is about snowflakes falling at different speeds, and how I imagine they would sound.
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"The Snowstorm" is a piano and cello duet, in the key of C. This piece describes the different speeds of a snowstorm.
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This piece has so much movement ft feels like it is flowing.