Mentoring Program

Independent Projects

All students who are working on projects that are not specifically for another category such as an Opus event should post here.

A song about pain, suffering, and overcoming. I wrote this song for a story I heard and we are performing it as a chorus in our Spring Concert. It needs to be done around April.
Untitled piece by Ethan Duncan. Strings, Piano, and Drums.
I am composing this song for MMU's Select Chorus to perform at the Spring concert and I need to finish it by March. I will write it so that it can be performed with strings, but that the strings are optional and are only an additional part of the orchestration. I also intend to use the song for the soundtrack of a show I will make in the distant future. It is about having the strength to rise up and fight against something that seems invincible. I will write the lyrics in Latin. Here are several songs that have successfully captured the feeling that I will try to invoke with this song:
A piece written to be played at Farmers' Night.
A short piece which needs a lot of work. New sections are wanted, as well as work on transitions needed. Creating a mysterious midsection for the piece, as well as lengthening the beginning are two goals, along with the ones stated in sentence two.
Hello My name is John Phillips from SCSVT. We are hosting an art show that contains many types of art and music. The theme of the art show life and death. I am trying to have a more militaristic sound in my music relating to life and death. I had a mind of fanfare and I'm going to add trumpets. I’m also going to add flutes as well.