Mentoring Program

Independent Projects

All students who are working on projects that are not specifically for another category such as an Opus event should post here.

This is the first melody I have written in IBHL Music. This will be used for a classical saxophone piece. It may or may not have piano.
This is the first melody I have ever written. I am a vocalist, and sing baritone mostly. I am thinking of putting to words. I appreciate your help with this.
The piano quintet will eventually be four movements long. The first movement is fast and melodic, the second with darker melodies, the third movement slower, and the fourth movement very upbeat with major key melodies. At the moment, the first movement is complete, and the second and third movements are still in segments. The fourth movement is not yet on the document.
Extreme work in progress, but based on the redwood forests in California.
This is a song I wrote in the style of a sea shanty about pirates who fly through a thunder blizzard into space because they love adventure. Once I finish this arrangement, I want to arrange it for TTBB. My number one priority with the piece right now is getting it so that all the parts are within a range so that all the parts can sing it without straining their voices.
This is a short piece for cello and violin.