Mentoring Program

Independent Projects

All students who are working on projects that are not specifically for another category such as an Opus event should post here.

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This is a jazz solo alto sax composition. I am composing this piece for my honors program senior capstone project. It is currently a twelve-bar blues, but I intend to expand it into a larger composition (1-2 pages.)
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This is a piece to be performed by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra brass quintet in December.
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Melody for week of Oct 23
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This is the first melody I have written in IBHL Music. This will be used for a classical saxophone piece. It may or may not have piano.
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This is the first melody I have ever written. I am a vocalist, and sing baritone mostly. I am thinking of putting to words. I appreciate your help with this.
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First melody I've written in Western harmony. I primarily play piano and saxophone, but mostly as jazz, so this is a little off the beaten path for me. I originally played classical piano before learning jazz.