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The Perpetual Turning of Andromeda

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A piece written for piano quartet for the 2016 summer workshop.
Grade Level: 12
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Sibelius
Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello, piano
Key: E flat major
Meter Signature: 12/8
Tempo: quarter note = 66
Status: Completed Work
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File 2: application/octet-streamDownload


#2 Jake Lester 2016-09-21 15:24
Hi Jacob!

This is Jake with Music-COMP testing the commenting feature of the new site. I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future!
#1 Sandi MacLeod 2016-09-21 15:13

So glad to hear your new work. I'm testing out the new site and happy to be able to comment.

Here's the video of your recent interview. You're very articulate!


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