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Composer Name: Ava Thurston
An upbeat solo for the piano.
Grade Level: 8
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Noteflight
Instrumentation: Oboe and violin
Key: G
Meter Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 120
Status: Work in Progress
Noteflight URL: Website Title
Located in: Opus 33 Grades 6-8


#1 Michael Close 2018-02-07 10:06
Hello Ava,

Thank you for sharing your composition. You've created a cheerful musical mood. I like the interplay between the instruments.

First off, if you are intending this piece for consideration for the Opus 33 concert, you've chosen the wrong instruments.

Here's the info:

Instrumentation: Mix and match any of the below instruments for your composition.

Brass Quintet (2 trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba)


2 Percussion: two performers available with xylophone, glockenspiel, drum set, 4 tom-toms, snare, woodblock, tambourine, suspended cymbal, triangle)

Vocal Quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

If you take the bottom voice down an octave it could work well for piano. (Without the octave transposition, there would be too many doubled and crossing notes between the two hands). You could also make it a duet for percussion between xylophone and glockenspiel.

Could you let me know a little more about your choice of 'Dresden' for a title? Many people would think first of Dresden's dark history in World War 2 when they see your title, which will not jive with the pleasant and cheerful music you've created.

I look forward to hearing your next version.

Keep up the good work!

Mike Close

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