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still working on it Opus 33

Composer Name: Felix Roesch
still working on it
Grade Level: 4
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Noteflight
Instrumentation: pino trumpet
Key: C major
Meter Signature: 44
Tempo: 120
Status: Work in Progress
Noteflight URL: Website Title
Located in: Opus 33 Grades 2-5


#4 Felix Roesch 2018-02-19 14:39
sorry about that it was by accident!
#3 Felix Roesch 2018-02-19 14:37
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#2 Lee Heuermann 2018-02-09 11:39
Hi Felix,

I just listened to your piece and you’re off to a good start! I have a few questions and thoughts for you:
What are you thinking about when you compose?
Do you have an idea for what you want your piece to be about or sound like? For instance, are you wanting a particular mood or feeling?
Are you imagining a story behind your piece?

You don’t have to start with a story but sometimes it helps to have a mood you’re thinking about and try to see how you might sound like that in your music.

Why did you put parentheses around the notes in measures (mms.) 1-6 ? I don’t think they’re necessary so please remove them.

The trumpet should be above the piano so please switch them.

I really like your opening theme in mms. 1 - 3.

You begin with a very clear key of d minor. After that, the key becomes less clear - more nebulus. It seems you’re more in the key of C major in mms. 5-7 but then leading back to d in m. 7.
But you’re straddling both keys of d minor and C major and sometimes you’re in both simultaneously as in m. 7 in the 3rd and 4th beat you have dissonance where the notes clash (an e in piano - implying a C chord - C-E-G and the a in the trumpet implying a d chord - d-f-a,) and on the 4th beat the g in piano (also in the C chord and the f also in the d minor chord).

When you’re in 2 keys at once it’s called polytonality. However, I’m not sure you’re meaning to do this. Do you think this is by accident?

I have a few suggestions:

Think about how you could change your rhythm up and not have all quarter notes.

Also, one characteristic of your piece so far is that you have a lot of leaps, which the piano does well. However, when the trumpet enters in m. 7 you might want to really have a more melodic tune. You could have a nice contrast with leaps in the piano and a trumpet melody that is moving in a more stepwise motion. Try singing and imagining a melody and see if you can write it down.

I also like that you’re using half notes for more sustain in mms. 5-6. Longer sustained notes over the steady quarter note rhythm would also give some nice variety and contrast.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

#1 Lee Heuermann 2018-02-08 08:13
Dear Felix,

I’m so happy to meet you! I’ll be your mentor for Opus 33 and I’m very excited to get to know you and your music! I’m a composer and performer (voice, piano and flute) and love many kinds of music - classical, jazz, and especially music from India, Africa and Brazil. I live and teach in Berkeley, California. I feel especially exited because right now I am writing to you from Trinidad, which is a small country and island to the south of Venezuela. I am here for their Carnival and to learn more about their wonderful Calypso music. I will return in about 1 week but will be able to receive your music postings here.

For starters, please go to the Music-COMP website - go to the “Resources” tab, then select
“More Resources for Student Composers”. Check out the “Brass”, and the “Piano Podcast Here” and “Composing for the Piano” info.

I will be able to listen to your piece later today and give you some feedback soon. In the meantime, as we’re getting started working together, please tell me a little about yourself, what grade you’re in, how you like to spend your time, what are your favorite things in school and out, and how long have you been involved in music and what instrument/s do you play? This will help me get more of a sense of who you are and how that relates to the music you compose.

I can’t wait to see what you do next and great job so far!


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