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I wrote this piece with my saxophone with me. I played a melody and tried to figure out the rhythms that went along with it.
Grade Level: 7
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Noteflight
Instrumentation: Alto saxophone/clarinet/percussion
Key: E minor
Meter Signature: 4/4
Tempo: quater note= 120
Status: Work in Progress
Noteflight URL: Website Title
Located in: Crossett Brook


#2 Matthew LaRocca 2017-04-17 09:35
Hi Tanum,

My name is Matt, and I’ll be working with you on your song. What a great start! I love what you’re doing, and your melody is nice and catchy. You’ve already got so much music too. Well done!

I’ve got some ideas and questions for you to think about.

-Are you writing this from the point of your saxophone with regards to key? So what I mean, is you know how when you tune to a concert Bb, you’re playing a G on your sax? It looks like you’ve written it in concert pitch, not your sax’s pitch. If you click the tuning fork in the upper left in the “score” section, it will move the song from concert pitch to written pitch. Do this, and you’ll see the sax is playing the tune in C# minor, which I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do. So you want to transpose it to E minor while looking at the written pitch. Let me know if this makes sense, or ask Dan. This is one that’s hard to explain how to do it online.

-E minor has an F# in the key signature.

-I think the melody is very strong, and wouldn’t change much. I may try varying the sixteenth note lick every once in a while, but that’s it. It comes back as the same notes every single time, and I think switching it up, especially after measure 8, would be good.

-The drums! These are a great addition. I think you need to give them more direction though. They’re at their best in measure 6, when they highlight the fourth beat. You can think of them as either keeping a pulse and time, and/or accenting important notes in the piece. They can change the whole feel too. If you have a bass drum on beats 1 and 3, vs. 2 and 4, vs. 1,2,3 4…they all sound wildly different. Try out different options, but I think that more consistency and direction in your bass drum would be good. (like in measure 4 and 5, the sax repeats but the drum doesn’t. Changing to all quarters in measure 5 makes it a little less intense, although it seems like it should be getting more intense…)

-Last, the clarinet right now has a very simple part. Is it going to be more involved in the next section? What are your ideas for the next part?

I think this is a very strong start, and I love what you’ve got going on. Nice work! If you have any questions, just let me know.

#1 Matthew LaRocca 2017-04-10 19:38
Hi Tanum,

I'm excited to check out your piece, but can't view it yet. I need you to fix the sharing on your noteflight score. To do this, you should:

1. Go into your Noteflight account. Click on this score. Make sure you can see the score on the screen.
2. Click on Connect button.
3. “Who can access this score” - select All site members
4. Select All site members can View. Anyone can search/browse to find it.
5. Save.

Post a message here when you've done that so I know. Thanks!


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